Flat-top Tower Crane

Our range of flat-top tower cranes offers an efficient and versatile solution for lifting on construction sites. It provide a diverse selection of stationary, traveling, inner climbing, and other working types, catering to your specific requirements. The modular design and flat tower crane head allow for convenient assembly and dismantling with minimal lifting equipment requirements. With the topless design delivers exceptional durability on steel structures and ensures compliance with high safety standards, making it a superior choice for any construction project. Contact us for further details on our topless tower cranes and how they can enhance your lifting capabilities.

Industry Application




Oil & Gas

Flat-top Tower Crane

Partnering with Motto International, we offer a range of industrial, wind power or tower elevators that provide a safe and efficient solution for vertical access of personnel and materials in various applications. With a large variety of mast designs, our elevators are highly adaptable to suit the specific needs of any configuration.

Our industrial elevators are suitable for a wide range of industries, including construction, power generation, and maintenance. In wind power applications, we offer both rack and pinion or rope methods to suit your needs, with lifting capacities ranging from 250kg to 400kg.

Our elevators are designed to meet the highest safety standards and are equipped with advanced safety features, including emergency brakes and anti-fall systems. They are also highly efficient and cost-effective, reducing downtime and increasing productivity on the job site.

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial elevators and how they can help you improve safety and efficiency in your vertical access operations.

Flat-top Tower Crane Specification

ModelMax Load (Ton)Maximum Working Range (Meter)Tipload (Ton)Catalogue
QP 6016 – 8T8 T60 M1.6 TClick Here For More
QP 6513 – 8T8 T65 M1.3 TClick Here For More
QP 7023 – 10T10 T70 M2.3 TClick Here For More
QP 7527 – 12T12 T75 M2.7 TClick Here For More
QP 8030 – 20T20 T80 M3.0 TClick Here For More
QTP 6517 – 8T8 T65 M1.7 TClick Here For More
QTP 7535 – 18T18 T75 M3.5 TClick Here For More
QTP 7532 – 20T20 T75 M3.2 TClick Here For More


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